Healthstack Personal Health Information Security Platform

Simplify & accelerate the complex, time-consuming, & tedious process of HIPAA compliance.
Everything you need to get HIPAA compliant in a cloud platform.

If you would like to invest:

A Cloud Management Platform That:

  • Works collaboratively with, or serve as, the Chief HIPAA Information Security Officer to ensure overall organizational HIPAA compliance.
  • Ensure release of information and outpatient coding staff is compliant with established policies, federal and state regulations and ICD10-CM coding guidelines.
  • Develops, maintains and provides training to include new employee orientation, annual and periodic training and reminders on health information privacy requirements and policies and procedures.
  • Reports on changes in applicable HIPAA Privacy laws and regulations, update relevant policies and procedures and provide training as needed.
  • Leads and/or facilitates teams and/or projects toward successful achievement of goals.
  • Serves as the internal subject matter expert on HIPAA Privacy, provide HIPAA Privacy guidance to all entities of the SBOHCA, and maintains current knowledge of HIPAA Privacy and other applicable federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Conducts HIPAA privacy investigations and tracks incidents and breaches.
  • Conducts a risk assessment for all reported and suspected potential violations involving protected health information (PHI) for breach determination.
  • Reports reportable breaches involving PHI in accordance with Breach Notification requirements of federal and state law.
  • Maintains records and supporting documentation for investigations and breach risk assessments including but not limited to mitigation actions, communications and notifications.
  • Responds to all requests from individuals regarding their HIPAA rights.
  • Serves as a resource for HIPAA Data Use Agreements and HIPAA Business Associate Agreements.
  • Serves as the Privacy Board resource to the Institutional Review Board.
  • Partners and collaborates with internal departments and operational leaders that represent organizational privacy interests including but not limited to Health Information Management, General Counsel/Hospital Counsel, Patient Access, and Faculty Practices.
  • Cooperates with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights and other federal and state regulators conducting HIPAA compliance reviews or investigations.
  • Acts as Compliance and HIPAA Officer for Company.
  • Monitors and coordinates the development and implementation of the Corporate Compliance program.
  • Develops and maintains Company Standards of Conduct and related policies and procedures.
  • Conducts compliance risk assessments, trend analysis and provides recommendations for compliance business activities.
  • Provides a channel of communication to receive and direct compliance issues to appropriate management.
  • Works with the Human Resource Department and others as appropriate to develop and maintain an effective Compliance training program.
  • Monitors corporate-wide compliance plan for periodic updates.
  • Oversees compliance investigations with outside legal counsel as needed, Human Resources and all other related departments.
  • Oversees Customer Complaints and Product Liability cases.
  • Creates then oversees the Corporate Compliance Hotline.
  • Maintains a current working knowledge of relevant issues, laws, and regulations, including things such as the CCPA, CCRA, and other upcoming legislation.
  • Oversees Medical Records and Audits (DME, billing processes and compliance).
  • Oversees the enrollment and compliance with Medicare regulations and Quality Standards.
  • Oversees the enrollment and compliance with all State Medicaid Programs and Managed Medicaid.
  • Oversees international distributor compliance (e.g., FCPA).
  • Implement OIG and SAMS compliance.
  • Coordinates the development and implementation of the Company Privacy and Security Programs.
  • Provides Human Resources senior staff with information on compliance-related personnel issues.
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